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Wheel Trims Sprinter wheel with beauty ring installed Sprinter wheel before installing the beauty rings

Set of 4 Beauty Rings for the 2007-2018 Sprinter with standard 16" single wheel  (not for dual rear wheel models... see below for dual-wheel trims)    $     Set of 4 stainless steel beauty rings 89.00  1121

These economical trim rings light up the otherwise unspectacular gray steel wheels on the Sprinter for only a few bucks. And they snap on in seconds! Order a set today.

Sprinter dually wheel liners, front Sprinter duall wheel liner, rear

Set includes 2 rear liners and 2 front liners. They install in minutes with a snap-in clip system that requires no tools. Rust and tarnish are not a concern because the Wheel Liner kit is made of 100% Stainless Steel just like fine dinnerware. Call now and order your set!  Set of wheel liners for front & rear.
Fits 2007-2021 Sprinter (with dual rear wheels)  $249.00

Front Rear

SET OF 4 Convex style wheel covers for the 2500 series (non-dually) Sprinter  199.00

For the non-dually (2500 model) Sprinter For the dual-wheel (3500 model) Sprinter