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Ramps Sprinter ramp unfolded Sprinter ramp stowed Sprinter ramp stowed position,  inside vehicle view

We installed a fold down ramp in this Sprinter that measured 30" wide by 108" long. This customer needed to still have enough room to gain access through the rear door and ended up with about 20", which was more than enough. There is an optional spring assist mechanism which makes the ramp easier to open and close, but this particular 30 x 108 ramp without the spring assist was  still manageable for the average person to operate, although with some effort. The ramp, when stored upright, measures 60" overall in height

Sprinter ramp with spring assist kit Sprinter ramp with spring assist mechanism, underside view Sprinter ramp deployed, view from inside vehicle

Here's a look at the same ramp with the optional spring assist mechanism. The mechanism makes the operation of the ramp significantly easier, and is a good idea if your organization has users with less physical strength. It’s our opinion that your risk of worker’s comp issues would be greatly lessened by having a ramp with spring assist.  

These ramps are available in different widths and lengths to suit your particular application and installation is a straightforward affair.

Standard Ramps Ramps with spring-assist