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Trailer Hitches Sprinter trailer hitches Sprinter with trailer hitch installed

Along with quality Hitches from Draw-Tite and Curt, we offer complete wiring kits that contain the control module, 4-pin & 7-pin connectors, the brake control and all necessary terminals, fuses, special cable and all mounting hardware. Also included are wiring diagrams and a helpful video to solve some of the mysteries concerning proper routing of your wiring.

This is a typical view of trailer hitch installed. This photo shows the rear of a Sprinter without step bumper. If your Sprinter has a step bumper, we use a different hitch that sits lower and slightly more rearward. These hitches can be installed in about 45 minutes, and mount to the existing frame holes.

Specify with or without step-bumper

Before ordering, do you have:

1. a long Sprinter or short Sprinter

2. single or dual rear wheels  

3. step bumper, or no step bumper

The complete wiring kit with brake control is shown above. It comes with everything you will need to safely wire-up your Sprinter to allow you to tow most any trailer. The Sprinter has some special considerations that must be addressed when running and connecting wires.

Sprinter hitch wiring kit including 7+4 pin connector, brake control and all installation hardware: $309

Sprinter hitch wiring kit with 4-pin flat style connector with installation hardware: $169

Class III Hitch for Sprinter: $249

Learn from our helpful video above. The Sprinter requires some special steps to route and connect the wiring for your trailer's lights and brakes. This video is a real time and trouble saver.

Any hitch wiring package we ship is accompanied with diagrams that are complete and easy to follow.

trailer hitch wiring requires some basic tools Contents of the trailer hitch wiring kit with brake contol part 2 of the Sprinter trailer hitch wiring diagram part 1 Sprinter trailer hitch wiring kit with brake control

Your hitch will be shipped completely wrapped to protect the finish and keep the hardware pack intact.