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Ventilation Fantastic Vent model 1250 Fantastic vent 1250

The Fan-Tastic Vent company offers a line of roof vents that are designed to move large amounts of air by virtue of their turbine-like fan blade. There are 2 models in their lineup that we really like. One even offers rain sensor technology that automatically closes the vent lid when it starts to rain. They are made in the USA and have a tough, heavy build. You won't be disappointed with any aspect of this purchase

 The 1250 has the signature turbine style fan with 3 speeds and reversibility. It has a large crank knob to easily lift the smoke dome and features a 2 year warrantee, with a lifetime warrantee on the dome.

All Fan-Tastic Vent models move an impressive amount of air and that's the name of the game, is it not?

FanTasticVent model 1250  $199.00

Remote control for Fantastic Vent with rain sense

The 7350's Remote lets you activate the fan and raise the dome by pressing a button. Using the automatic mode, you select your comfort setting and the blades will automatically turn on, off, increase or decrease speed to maintain your temperature choice.  Manual mode allows you to select off or one of 14 fan blade speeds.

 The 807350 vent is equipped with the reversible airflow switch (In or Out air flow), and Rain Sensor.  The built in rain sensor closes the dome and turns off the fan blade when the sensor becomes wet; the dome reopens when the sensor dries.  A backup manual dome open/close knob are also provided. Sprinter owners who carry show dogs or other animals will appreciate this vent when the cages are stacked to the ceiling and they can't reach the vent knobs.... Simply reach for the remote control.

Fan-Tastic Vent model 7350: $355.00

The FanTastic Vent model 7350.  Variable speed reversible fan, motorized dome open & close, portable remote control, rain sensor (closes vent automatically) thermostat activated fan.

Fantastic vet with remote control

The FanTastic Vent model 1250:
3 speed reversible fan, manual crank dome


What does a typical vent installation look like?

           What about proper installation steps?

                   What if I want to mount my vent on the raised, embossed ribs on my Sprinter’s roof?

Flip vent installed Sprinter flip vent installed

These neat Flip Vents can either scoop the air in, or vent the air out. The lid flips either way. They are made of pre-painted black aluminum so you'll never have a rust issue. They snap closed securely when weather is a concern and the vents also feature a built in screen.  An optional black interior trim ring finishes off the installation nicely.

Flip vent in BLACK aluminum, each: $49.00
(White color vents have been discontinued)

Interior trim ring, black ABS each: $12.00

Flip Vents Flip Vent dimensions Flip Vent inside dimensions Flip vent side dimensions Flip vent trim ring dimensions Flip vent trim ring side dimensions Dimensions of the Flip Vent & trim ring