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Sprinter bulkhead partition with slider door, door closed Sprinter bulkhead partition with slider door, door open Sprinter contoured partition, aluminum Sprinter steel partition comes with or without swing door Partitions (bulkheads) contoured partition without glass fleetline partition with door, shown open

Aluminum partition with sliding-door.

The center section features a glass window and locking latch.

For Sprinter high roof & low roof models

Aluminum contoured partition with glass window or without window.

Cargo space is maximized with this style partition, while still allowing front seat adjustability.

Fleetline partition.

Made of steel. It’s a bit heavier than the aluminum partitions, but it is priced lower. It comes as a fixed model, or equipped with a swinging door.

A word about installation:

All of the partitions shown on this page attach to the “B” pillar in the Sprinter. This pillar is usually (but not always) covered with a gray plastic panel which needs to be trimmed in order to mount the partition . Our video shows how this is done.  

Sprinter midship partition

Sprinter midship partition mounts behind the bench seat in your Crew Van. It mounts at the back edge of the sliding door and is designed to fit with the factory headliner too. Available with glass window (as shown) or solid (without window).

Sprinter midship partition, solid without window composite van partition

Composite van partitions offer a molded poly construction accompanied with metal support brackets. This style partition will be the best choice for keeping heat and air conditioning in the cab area because it fits more tightly with less gaps. And yes, they are quite robust in their design.