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Seat Covers

We stock custom fit  seat covers for the 2007-2017 Sprinter. They're  made of a robust cotton poplin material (similar to the feel of denim) and come with headrest and armrest covers. The covers install easily and are machine washable. They fit great, they're a good value and give tough, long term  protection. They are packaged in a pair to fit the driver and passenger high-back seats, and are sold in charcoal grey only. For the best results, put them on when your Sprinter is brand new and save those seats!

seat covers (pair)
2007-2020 Sprinter   189.00

Note: seat covers are offered for bucket seats only, not for three-across front seats.

Please specify year of Sprinter, and if airbag equipped.

If Sprinter is 2019 or newer, specify if seats have thigh extender option