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 Front Door Grab Handle Kit puts the handle right where you need so you can get in to your Sprinter safely. Everything is included to install in about 45 minutes or less. The kit includes a steel reinforced, black vinyl covered handle, special fasteners and installation tool. Check out the video to the right  which shows how to install. All you need is a drill, socket set and a  wrench. (fits either  driver side or passenger side).You may want to look at our Running Board kit too.

Front Door Grab Handle Kit: 49.00

Grab Handles Sprinter Side door grabhandle in aluminum Sprinter side door grab handle, mounts to exposed metal

With the Side-door Grab Handle kit you get the aluminum handle and 4 screws. Two holes are already  present in the Sprinter door jamb, and two will need to be drilled. Before ordering, make sure your Sprinter has exposed metal (like in photos) where the handles will mount. (Some Sprinters have the plastic trim covering the pillar by the side door and the metal  is hidden). These handles are designed only for Sprinters with the exposed metal. For Sprinters with gray plastic trim on the pillar, see New grab handle below.

Side Door Grab-Handle kit:  $21.00

Sprinter rear door grab handle Sprinter aluminum rear door grab handle

The Rear door grab handles bolt into existing threaded holes with the supplied hardware. It's quick and easy. The rear door Grab Handle kits are sold each, but you have existing mounting holes on both rear door jambs, so you can install two for more versatility.

Rear Door Grab Handle each  $ 21.00

Sprinter black side door grab handle

Use our Side door grab handle for Sprinters with grey plastic trim, such as passenger model Sprinters. In fact, many Sprinters have the "B" pillar covered with grey trim like in the photo. Our kit includes a black molded grab handle (steel reinforced) and all the necessary mounting hardware, of course. Installation instructions included.

Black Side door grab handle kit :  49.00

Sprinter assist strap for front door overhead Sprinter StrapHanger assist strap hangs down 9 inches

Our new StrapHangers assist straps make entry and exit easy on the body! The Sprinter is a very high vehicle and there's nothing to grab onto when you need help getting in or getting out. The StrapHangers  hang down a full 9 inches from the upper grab handle ( If you prefer, you can install them to hang down 4 inches). Installation is easy with the supplied tool kit. All you do is take out an existing  screw, slide the StrapHanger into place, then reinstall  the screw and you're done!

StrapHangers set includes 2 Assist straps, installation tool kit, & instructions. $35.00

Check out our Running Boards too, your body will thank you!

StrapHanger assist strap for Sprinter