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The N5 series shelving is shown below. They are available in lengths from 3 feet to 8 feet long.  They measure 62 inches high, and they have 4 levels. The side panels are black painted steel, and the shelf “trays” are made of aluminum with a laminate-clad plywood base… Strong and quiet!

The Fold Away Shelving is perfect for delivery vehicles or the user that wants to gain loading space in a hurry, ready for your bulky cargo and changing needs. When the shelves are flipped down (or up) they are held in that position by gas-spring cylinders. There is absolutely NO rattling or noise.

Shelving Gallery

Storage compartments can unclutter your workspace and put everything at your fingertips without wasting time. The big Tool Drawers can store all of your oddly shaped tool cases from Makita, DeWalt, Hilti, etc., and the yellow partskeepers are perfect for all of your small parts and fasteners. And they pull out and come with you into the jobsite.

Sometimes Custom Setups are needed. The efficient use of space is critical, so we have gotten innovative in how these products are used. Just consider how much aggravation you can save by organizing your stuff.